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National Organization for the Reform 
(Repeal) of Marijuana Laws

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Issues Postage Stamp
that you can really mail a letter with
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The SoDakNORML Postage Stamp is aimed at raising consciousness and money concerning the SoDakNORML Letters to Legislators campaign. Please do what you can to spread the word. Circulate this page on Facebook. Like and Share us on Facebook. Email us and get on our mailing list ("SoDakNORML mail list" in subject line). And send us a few $ for stamps.

This is a legitimate first class postage stamp, for which the Post Office has been paid 45¢ just like if you bought stamps at the Post Office. The custom art printing costs another 45¢ or so, for which has been paid. The stamp measures 17/8" wide by 11/4" tall.

If you'd like to own a non-cancelled SoDakNORML Postage Stamp, or if you want us to mail you a letter with this stamp on the envelope, you can send us $5.

Prices for other quantities follow. Be aware that we can customize these stamps for your state and/or local group. Email us. The prices below apply only to the stamp pictured above.

2 Stamps

3 Stamps

4-5 Stamps

6-10 Stamps

11-19 Stamps (there are 20 per sheet)

1 or 2 Sheets of 20

More than that

Custom stamps for your group




$4.00 each

$3.00 each

$2.75 each

$45.00 each



We must charge SD sales tax of 4% on orders we mail to South Dakota addresses. Add that to the prices at left.