The South Dakota Affiliate of the 
National Organization for the Reform 
(Repeal) of Marijuana Laws



It's NORML to want good food, good medicine and sane laws.

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Bob Newland, Founder & President

For the time being, you can send a donation to SoDakNORML by going to and send any amount to I will put up a button as soon as I figure out how, but it would just go to PayPal anyway. If you don't have an account with PayPal, you can use VISA or M/C.

You may send to the PayPal ID,

We use this money primarily to keep this website active. That's a low bar, but not many people donate to us.

SoDakNORML does not have "membership" in the typical sense that political parties and community clubs have. There are so few active members, and they are so widely dispersed in the state that regular meetings and group activities are hard to put together. We think that the term "member" confers certain assumptions that the organization as a whole will deliver some, well, organization. We really can't offer that at the moment. We can offer experience and a certain amount of advice on how to effect change, and how to do so by attracting funds.

We can also introduce you to people who have conducted this campaign for 40 years across the nation, the people who are responsible for the fact that 26 states have medical cannabis laws on their books, and the people responsible for legalizing sale and possession (mostly) of cannabis in Colorado and Washington.

Over the years, people have come and gone as they graduated college, moved, got time-consuming jobs, families, and so on.

Political activism requires financial resources. Groups of people can pool their funds to have a greater effect than individuals can. Groups of people can plan activities that produce revenue, often while educating an audience.

Why don't you think about starting a NORML group?

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Do you want to start a local or campus SoDakNORML group?
We have a long-established website that can lead people to you.
We have some ideas on how you can have a
positive effect on political opinion
without breaking your personal bank.
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